Nexus Fleet is an Alliance within the massively multiplayer game Eve Online.

Nexus Fleet is a new Pilot friendly Alliance. We will assist you in getting into the game, getting the fits you need to succeed and training you in every aspect of EvE Online.

Player vs Player

Nexus Fleet is a PvP oriented Alliance. We are looking for Pilots who are looking to get out there and fight. Nexus Fleet is a Sov owning Alliance. This means that we own our own systems and we must defend them. We need pilots who are willing to turn their guns on the enemy at a moments notice to obtain more Sov or to defend Sov we already possess.

Exploration & Wormholes

Exploration in Eve is one of the more interesting and profitable things to do in game. We find combat, hacking, salvage and mining sites as well as wormholes which take you to w-space, containing more ISK making activities and the occasional PvP situation.


We have players running missions as a team on a daily basis. Typically we run level 4s with the occasional level 5, and provide assistance with lower level missions if newer players get stuck. Tho Missions are a great way to get started in EvE, it is not our focus. Our focus is Sov Warfare and PvP. Missions will assist you in understanding the basics, but ultimately, it is a side activity.


Miners rejoice. Nexus Fleet has a strong Industry backbone. We are able to support massive mining fleets with multiple perks. As a Sov owning Alliance, you will have access to some of the most rare minerals in the game.

Our Goals

Our current goal is to expand our empire in Nullsec. We are a part of the N3 Coalition consisting of powerful alliances. We will support them without question.

Our Plan

The plan is simple: work as a team. Eve is designed as a team game and success on a large scale can not be gained without it.

Our Leadership

Nexus Fleet is run on the philosophy that every member should have a voice, but ultimately someone needs to be a decision maker. We are effectively a dictatorship, but we do listen to our members ideas and concerns.